#408. another monday night

October 18, 2010

the evening
brings the night
and my lover home
to me

the candle
glows its light
and my lover comes
to bed

#402. another why

October 6, 2010

the way you laugh
in pure unguarded concentration
eyes shining stars
liquid music for your thirsty lover

a small thing
but beyond value

#390. stargaze

September 21, 2010

if the colors within you
reflect the clear night sky
then come to know the meaning
of travelling starwards within the depths
of your lover’s eyes

#388. sunday night match

September 19, 2010

a large joy
jointly created
with all intention
played and mated
with each others’ pieces

afloat the dream opens closes
eyes gone deep into high
soul shadows love
knows the way

#387. traveller

September 18, 2010

if i
or not
time moves
me out of now
at the speed my
synapses fire off at
the same rate as i die

redeemed by the eyes of my lover
my own eyes close and cry
and time means naught

in truth i live
in fact i die

#311. ghosty moment

July 2, 2010

in my lover’s eyes
it is a whole saturday of the senses
summer light shines off the river
my small golden hound’s low barking
at the laughter of kids on skateboards
shade from the manhattan bridge
in the clatter of the f train roaring
charging to a glorious brooklyn song
the skin throb as the sun comes thru
the single cloud that gave up its ghost
all this in a moment leading to others
traveling to the moon’s silver sheen
in my lover’s eyes

All of life for death.

“Half the sky for praying, the other half for the beauties of the night.”

A third of life for growing, a third of life for striving and a final third for understanding.

A quarter of the night for dreaming, a quarter for poems,

a quarter for the unknown adventure and a quarter of the night for my lover.

rough playground
under the ancient Points
nodding drunk
dead or alive
in his own piss
morning rush
half a car empty
because of this member
of the Endless.
who was he?
a vet a dad a son a lover a friend
a heart filled with pain.
i could of stopped the train
or gotten off
at canal to tell and help
but i rode to bleecker
my job competing with compassion
i told the mta counter woman
she stopped the train
the infinite paths of many
fragile ghosts changed.

trying to separate from the Endless
we merge with it.
i merge with it.

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