#526. transit

January 6, 2012

the wind turns the river dark
holding hands on the graceful bridge
stone you fly and bring our shores together
vigilant brooklyn heights manhattan shines beside thee

you and i ride
hold our bags
a pearl
around on
the winter
subway floor

#496. wife

December 6, 2011

i tasted your river in my dream
spices body heat steam rising 
above deep eyes are liquid
sleep to travel future 
days slip behind us
blending us

#492. hypnogogic reveries

December 2, 2011


is not as much fun

as creating

a new moment

of laughter

i can see your dancing eyes

when i close mine

very nearly

leaping into dreaming

the fog of the day clears

finally i can think

through my eyelids

every time you call my name

i am awake 

#485. ten

November 25, 2011

in the cycling
of days years grow
we that is us becomes 
momentum and the moment
as well as golden promises that shine
in a bright glimmering line between our eyes 
that was a corner we turned together before we knew
we could ever know that we could ever sing our strings together

#470. kansas

April 25, 2011

from clear-eyed sleep
another dream
my mother
from color
finds me in
black and white
everyone in their place

#469. ten

April 15, 2011

starry light
bright trance
retinal delighting
alighting hypothalamus
and relighting time to live
in the clouds backed by the moon
with your hair wild in the sharp wind 

#467. dreamtime

March 28, 2011

another early memory
to chastise and beguile me
so it often begins
and will eventually end
sometimes even before
my wife falls asleep
much to her delight
because she feels
the kisses are much sweeter
when she is awake

how can i help but agree


#466. doggess (for golda

March 22, 2011

i remember waking up
the morning
blue jacket always dirty
after you came to live with us
porcelain bowls one wet one worn
seeing your little face
on the pillow
never changing antler toy
with the rest of of you
under the covers
red cushion
next to my green sofa
and rejoicing in the leash of freedom
the super clean toes
of the gorks
all the memories
to come
i remember
waking up
the morning
after you came
to live with us
seeing your little face
on the pillow
with the rest of you
under the covers and rejoicing
in all the memories
to come


#463. weathered

March 10, 2011

i am walking 
along the river
gone down again
to the sweet wrack 
and wreck of beauty 
and water raining upon 
my brown hat gone grey 
as my hair is going into the
new strength of my daily age 

who cares about the aches and pains
moving fast towards new rivers

#461. sisters

February 20, 2011



in change

this still life

moves bright stars

deeply in darkly eyes

focuses joy overwhelming

now the sorrow of whenever

whatever comes as time to time

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