i walk now
within the arms
of strangers

the sound
of rushing rivers
surrounds my earth

the tentative air
of mid spring speeds
our garden seed to summer

love for each
other is in our questions
about the universe

#262. home brewed

May 14, 2010

fire roars
sound of hot
water banging
merrily against
a round steel kettle
the rustle of tiny golden
leaves sprinkled exactly
into the strainer a bouquet
silently and sweetly awakens
the air before the whistle calls
you into the kitchen to gather cups
and cookies to pour and steep our tea
in the beautiful japanese clay and bamboo

gentle evening of our universe
murmurs home

#74. I Would

November 8, 2009

I Would
see round your face
tight colors.

I would
melt beneath your body
snow sheets.

I would
kiss your good hands
fine scent.

I would
brush your bright hair
rain breeze.

I would. I would. I would.

#54. My Lover’s House

October 18, 2009

My lover’s house

Is near the airport.
Sometimes the jet planes’ roar
matches our own.

My lover’s house is near a mountain.
Sometimes rattlesnakes chatter
while we do our
reptile dance.

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