#402. another why

October 6, 2010

the way you laugh
in pure unguarded concentration
eyes shining stars
liquid music for your thirsty lover

a small thing
but beyond value

#398. afterglow

October 2, 2010

it is the evidence
now welling up
in your eyes

feeling the words
as emotion
you cry

thank you

#364. evening stroll

August 24, 2010

walking with you
cool august evening
brooklyn bridge view
your hand in mine sings

the lights of the heights
across the east river
as sharp as salt air
makes me tear up

trees entwined
apart and
sea silver
in the fire of the moon
and the stars
and the sun
quietly sleeping below
mountains beckoning clearly
through the air

this is the home
we have created and found
created and bound

alone is no longer lonely

desire is always coming
commingling with the sea
in us all
the frothing waves
that sweep
us further into the future
than our past limits our desire
is always coming

#270. love inhabits

May 22, 2010

love inhabits me
the ghosted peals
of bells that have rung
yesterday and again
tomorrow they will ring
that i might recognize
the silence between us
as the living for each breath
together that is our fire

i walk now
within the arms
of strangers

the sound
of rushing rivers
surrounds my earth

the tentative air
of mid spring speeds
our garden seed to summer

love for each
other is in our questions
about the universe

fragrant wind
stoking your fire
with the driftwood
unburied from the sand
the ocean pounds our desire
for each other in light from high
dream to the intimate colors of delight

#266. splashed dream

May 18, 2010

the rain drops are alone
until they hit earth
to become puddles
and mud and gets
your beautiful hair

#215. past lately

March 28, 2010

been late
for you
i am ok being
on time
or late
but this moment
as with all the others
will outgrow the past
moments and outlast
the future ones
been late
you are on time
for me

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