lost in the future
where no one knows me
in the now unknown by most
i can wait for leaves to change
childhood into past where everyone knew me

#323. pleasure (for me

July 14, 2010

lost a day
at work by working
thru time
in the now all day

no lunch

home at last
a wonderful orange waiting

#283. lost

June 4, 2010

without a word
the little girl
draws me in
small and bouncing flirt
who pushes me
to my memories
of my own children
lost so long ago
that only their vague shapes
remain to me

#265. is lost

May 17, 2010

is lost

passing dreams
lightly touched
night time
goes by in a
sweat coming
on dawn
a sweet breeze
untangles me

but the dream

#223. lost

April 5, 2010

in the sunshine
the grey water
of the east river
sings its melody
passing people chatter
and i bounce along
a happy idiot ball
as if the wars
weren’t lost
in the sunshine

#216. lastly st. louis

March 29, 2010

i thought
and then
time and its
gentle and cynical
with ghosty
lost virgin loves
a long gone cook’s sandwiches
never eaten again
deeply felt haircuts gifted
by mariannes in storefronts
where piles of groceries
undrunk liquor
in empty bottles
wait out the snowstorm
of cousins young
before their
freezes and revisits
its harsh and sentimental
i thought

#115. Eat The End

December 18, 2009

If a tornado rips through a mind
and the roof is falling
while the frame is raised
then the parting of seas
will rip us from a reality based on coral and chaff.

If a period is the beginning and end
of death
and birth equals me and you
then a thought and a breath
have made a corner
in which we can wrestle with the Eternal Fucking Meat
of mind and gullet lost lovers and the end.

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