thriving in the spring
alive in a rain of icy water
cannot be held back to stop the summer swimmer
i have always feasted on my own heart to turn the lonely pain lovely
it is the space between the words
splintered door jams line the way back down unmeeting conversations
unmeeting wishes the color of sea green loud echo
information coded so decoded
that the seasons blend

trees entwined
apart and
sea silver
in the fire of the moon
and the stars
and the sun
quietly sleeping below
mountains beckoning clearly
through the air

this is the home
we have created and found
created and bound

alone is no longer lonely

#45. Magic (for kim elise

October 10, 2009

We are all strange and lonely
searching for other strange
and lonely creatures
to be strange and lonely with.

Your open heart
and hearth
cracks the walls
to let friends Be.

It is a song that you sing
which has nothing to do
with your lovely voice.

And that voice draws us
into the firelight
where nothing is strange
and no one
especially me
is alone.

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