#402. another why

October 6, 2010

the way you laugh
in pure unguarded concentration
eyes shining stars
liquid music for your thirsty lover

a small thing
but beyond value

#350. me too you

August 10, 2010

even the subway
is quiet tonight
the sax player
on the platform
is taking five
the air is liquid
with summer heat
and the tourists
are subdued
by august
me too

#238. north sea

April 20, 2010

laughing you said
the earth
is liquid
but solid under foot
and you could
say that
the pineapple
sweetly bit
the spring
bluster backlights
the dogs in the surf sweet time
for you to say
that you needed to sit in the sand

#102. Liquid

December 5, 2009

I am watching
waterstars reflecting woman
filling jug at streamside smiles
and turns hips swaying gone

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