#409. published

October 20, 2010

up a red leaf
maple and small
that the crisp wind
brought announcing
softly winter

#406. mainely in my mind

October 16, 2010

its so funny
how crisp autumn
leads to change
returns thought
to creation dreams
of the road

finding the path once more
my boots turn away from home
towards the forests of living trees
the dying many colored leaves and far hills
and the honey golden hound who stops and gazes
back with puzzled tilted head soft eyes saying lets go

#405. autumn terrace report

October 13, 2010

fragment of summer
night stars
a brief piece of peace

the free joy cries of children
and the barking answers of dogs
with the scent of street vendor barbecue
tickling my nose i lean back and close my eyes
as you reach over and playfully gently tug my beard

#404. every morning

October 12, 2010

casting about
no excuses
must face
my face
my face
must face
no excuses
casting about

distortions never lie
dormant my reflection
always seems to cry

#35. Derelict In Oz

October 1, 2009

In the past lies nothing
but everything.
All time makes the love
flirt with the tree
in order to escape the net.
Riding the crest of lies
the choice is made.
The Axeman
who I’ve been
chopping chopping
whole groves of love
whole trees of trust.
Now to lay down that axe.
Now to explore open hands
open mind
to touch.
Joy at grief.
Peace at happiness.
Putting down the axe
open-handed to open the door
day to day.

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