#538. shooter

April 29, 2012

alive your pain pried me
open with a dull curving blade
alive in the middle of the muscle world
plump meat oyster me in crisp sea salt chill
pearl liquor decorated moss green weed rough black
gritty shell back tidal scent popped the hinge and slurped
with lemon and sriracha sauce as red as any of your dreams

# 168 Th Woman (more)

February 9, 2010

Th woman
as body
electric thread
hair to bury head thoughts
knees dimpled and flexible
on round legs
breasts soft
enough to sleep
pillowed one larger than the other
eyes are gold tho blue
sometimes green
a fine bottom
foundation to blend back
to back and neckline       (child soft
gone to groin to earth
sex lips twist
of lemon
O honey!
caressed to be known neverknown
as body.


she fades.
no secret
any more.

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