#493. private lothlorien

December 3, 2011

sun in my face
crispy leaf space
brown hounds share it with me
there is the path
say yes and walk

listen creek water 
stones  and deep roots
join up clearly and sing
there by the path
late afternoon

air flying south
geese honking call
past the pale winter moon
there on the path
shadows go deep

lights flick alive
weave thru evergreens
up down familiar hills
there with the path
dogs lead me home

#409. published

October 20, 2010

up a red leaf
maple and small
that the crisp wind
brought announcing
softly winter

#190. memory house

March 3, 2010

anger’s page again
with a friend
a turning
of the leaves
in lives shared
which matters
in a way we never expected
at the beginning
high on a hill
building this house

i wonder where mallory is tonight

#111. storm flies

December 14, 2009

away i spin
leaf on the enony edge
thunderhead crackles tear ducts mine face
shifts nexus
i fly high and cry
a storm
that flies
for you.

#90. Ghost Words Of New York

November 23, 2009

Frog and toe
another stretch
a spark
red oliver
the ogles.

New York City
another year
a diamond
gold moon
the eyes.

#61. Instant

October 25, 2009

From casually aware
to intensely aroused
in the time it takes
to drive the midnight daring
dark back roads of Reno.
Love is tossed in my heart
as if it were
a leaf
caught by the wake
of a speeding pick-up

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