#427. hypnogogic reverie one

November 10, 2010

is not as much fun
as creating
a new moment
of laughter

i can see your dancing eyes
when i close mine

#311. ghosty moment

July 2, 2010

in my lover’s eyes
it is a whole saturday of the senses
summer light shines off the river
my small golden hound’s low barking
at the laughter of kids on skateboards
shade from the manhattan bridge
in the clatter of the f train roaring
charging to a glorious brooklyn song
the skin throb as the sun comes thru
the single cloud that gave up its ghost
all this in a moment leading to others
traveling to the moon’s silver sheen
in my lover’s eyes

beauty is crying
bleeding birds
because of the words laughing
desperate diamonds
art shouting
empathic eons
imagination embracing
cloudy children
passion singing
low laughs
tenderness understanding
mad mountains
of an artist
reaching alone and across
death before my birth

without truth
there are only bells
stuffed with dead rain

laugh curling
red with petals
of flame
gentle sparkler
aware ruby
focused light
no dark disguise
will diffuse
the trickster
who once a stranger
now knows me
and laughs

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