#377. no place like it (ldw4

September 6, 2010

the crowds
and kids are gone home
the rivers run singing quietly
the city’s spirits rattle
echo down worn hot
cobblestone mazes
and cool rooms
call me to my
sweet bed
and you

#376. oscawanna (ldw3

September 5, 2010

hazy on
the hudson
where its a river
clearly the lake nearby
and the leaves on the water
floating knowledge of the future
in the beauty of decay
and the delicate pleasure in time

the ripples
move ever further
from the cast stone

the ripples
intersect others
from other pebbles thrown

the ripples
spread wide embraces
the knower now known

the ripples
define the work
and brings the poet home

#276. nap too

May 28, 2010

waves of space time
changing my beliefs
restoring my old
clear dreams
my mind gone
blown away
gone for

sometimes answers
question without asking
and i am able to rest

#273. nap

May 25, 2010

aging making
room for those
i will never know
how the cycles bring
me hope and connection
between my heart and head

sometimes questions
answer me without asking
and i am able to rest

the spooky truth

as the specialness
leaks away
going down
into the tunnels
in with the rats
fat in the shade of the rails
we are
standing tall
in the subway car
but eyes slide away
spirits collide
then hide
in the secret knowledge
of our own
spooky truth.

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