#469. ten

April 15, 2011

starry light
bright trance
retinal delighting
alighting hypothalamus
and relighting time to live
in the clouds backed by the moon
with your hair wild in the sharp wind 

#467. dreamtime

March 28, 2011

another early memory
to chastise and beguile me
so it often begins
and will eventually end
sometimes even before
my wife falls asleep
much to her delight
because she feels
the kisses are much sweeter
when she is awake

how can i help but agree


#451. new year kissed me

January 1, 2011

the new year
arbitrary time 
awkward feeling
loose end

#430. forgetting the coffee

November 12, 2010

my morning
leaving sadness
recedes so quickly
with your hot hot kiss
that i have to stay to say
goodbye to you a little longer

#239. vision kiss

April 21, 2010

the way
to the wisdom of us
is the grey grey view
through the quiet rain
droplets change common space
time splashes into deep puddles
perceptions create a realm
where clarity and mystery
kiss and tell under the overpass

#79 Dancer

November 12, 2009


you dance
     so     well
around me         in my dream
     wrapped in white linen
whipped away from you by the wind
              your skin is in my grasp
so soft
                 like the mourning dove that flies from my hand
                             in my dream
                                      you kiss me
                                                   at last.

#44. WHY

October 9, 2009

There is a wave deeper then illuminated mind
a human wave
it whips hard as strongest breeze
a fragment of my desire
a piece of our lust.

There is a human wave within us all
within our confusions
and cold exteriors.

I want a kiss to understand.

#31. In Joy

September 27, 2009

In Joy

she holds my hand
the left
more sensuous one
and offers me her lips
as if it were the beginning
of the world
and they the leaves of of the Tree
of Knowledge.

In joy
she cups her breast
the more
sensitive one
and offers it to my lips
as if it were the beginning
of the world
and the glistening Garden.

In joy
she completes us
and so do I
offering our lips
as if it were the beginning
of the world
and we were with our kisses
planting the fruit of the Tree of Life.

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