#321. chanty

July 12, 2010

walking around the battery
the horn of manhattan
i am struck by the difference
in the sensations of the two bodies
of water joining in new york harbor

east river is dark and rough
smelling of decay and creosote
my eyes are caught by bridges
that connect and divide singing
in the wind as big drops splash me

hudson estuary wide and bright
scented by salt and shad
there is no impediment to my vision
the water rolls and roils past
up to the mountains and down
past the narrows to the sea

here i am caught on the land
with the wind calling me to the sea
one day i will answer and i know
you will sail with me

#157. Between

January 29, 2010

the grey rivers
alive with ghosts
the fishing boats
have pulled away
from the port
the market the battery
long ago gone
with the kids
on the concrete beaches
of the island
to grow up and live
to thrive and die and haunt us
between the grey rivers
that lead to the sea
that liberated our spirits
when they were our ancestors

#17. Long Isle Pastoral

September 13, 2009

a green blurb of a thing
black and red
foundation houses
skated roofs
against a brassy sky
hazy (or lazy
silver cloud lining
somewhat deep sound of wave
against the sailboat
i wanna be the mast.

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