thou art
riding me to my homepage.
i am the electron
banging thru
the worldwide
with the ghosts
of new york.

see them now.

humble aware laughing
everyday informing
me thru the dark
underground surf.
speaking jostling crowds
of ghosts recognize
me as a trace
a shade in their life
a face in their book
as we connect
they fill in
my moments
in the Endless
subway ride pome.

#156. Once a tom cat

January 28, 2010

once a cat licked the mortal dust from its fur
groomed down through time and his own fate
knowing purrs emanate pure disinterest in his own

once a poet cast a shining eye on the world’s web
grew up through time a wide understanding of beauty
truth a delicate force ensphering other creators
in the endless.

who is to tell what is once and what is still to come?

Do the biology.
It’s the internet dimension
Down in the uptown train.
Fleeting riveted flirt
Rebel poetry princessa
Bronze flashing
Angry aware
Of her own unconscious
Wary smile.

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