#433. missing you

November 16, 2010

you must 
dreaming sweetly lay
imagination of lips and soft breath
and sleeping your words sing and play
goodnight daughter teach each other another day

#145. Th Woman (more)

January 17, 2010

Th woman
is a windowpane
slowly melting down.
a liquid

receive essence of i.
taste yr taste.


on the telephone.
her voice.
tinglecalls me.
makes me.

#144. Th Woman (more)

January 16, 2010

Th woman
as imagination
penetrates deep
all the thoughts and actions
of lust depth.
of all wakeful and visionary.
the shutter clicks
depth of all.


as sleep
the body flow upon me
lips pressed open.

the light of it.

the arc
of the poet
reaches beyond the physical
beyond imagination
into the reality
of the common

the arc
of the poet
lays across the heart
swelling the mind
and intersecting
the spirit
of the curious.

the arc
of the poet
touches remotely
stirring the intimate
of the everyday

the arc
of the poet
extends beyond
the arms length
of the composer
deeply and beyond measure
into the Endless.


the arc
of the poet
extends beyond
and behind
to connect
the poet to every thing
the poet needs.

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