#546. and you and i

June 16, 2012


hand-tame trouble


it will not take long
gently move time

move it

taking a good drink
die little bird i

i was never
much interested
but will have to settle
for the hummingbird who had spent
the night inside the porch


free wild

you will not take long
as before a breeze
will stay with you
in the center

you spent
the night inside the porch

#440. nine

November 26, 2010

remembering     whisper
to move forward    deeply
makes sense of past   needs
times and joy of present   love  

a wolf and a hummingbird walked into a bar
one learned the music of her clear wing
one flies lightly through his howl

#304. tat tvam asi

June 25, 2010

the hummingbirds wing
in musical flight reflect
new levels of your laughing
worrying heart reveal

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