#535. walking is

March 27, 2012

concretally clopping poetess overtaking 
my aged steps in the glinty glinty sunlighty and the roar 
rah roar of hudson estuary revolution up
stream tasting the choco chocolahtidah hot sipping hot 
steaming whistle whistle whistle through my 
nose hairs occupy my consciously unsubconciously new york

#478. wet dreamscape

August 14, 2011

slow trickles
streams barely wet
great rivers i live between
roll softly almost gently sunrising
in the evening setting in the blush of dawn

synapses slipping dreams syncopated singing succor

#377. no place like it (ldw4

September 6, 2010

the crowds
and kids are gone home
the rivers run singing quietly
the city’s spirits rattle
echo down worn hot
cobblestone mazes
and cool rooms
call me to my
sweet bed
and you

#376. oscawanna (ldw3

September 5, 2010

hazy on
the hudson
where its a river
clearly the lake nearby
and the leaves on the water
floating knowledge of the future
in the beauty of decay
and the delicate pleasure in time

#351. manhattan trancer

August 11, 2010

streets are filled with ghosts
time is very unstuck here
between the rivers
harlem east

its always the past
and always the future
thats what makes this city
the city of right now so poignant

heat rivers brownstones
garbage dog walkers cops talking
hot steam curling out of grates glowing
highrise windows by the dos passos millions
definite girls in infinite sandals astride bridges
ball parks all paths for me in the musing vortex

time chases me
spins me

#339. estuary breeze

July 30, 2010

with the asphalt
soft under foot
the afternoon
sun begins to
change hue
to blush
rose flame
crimson rays
orange through
the city canyons
to the cool hudson

#321. chanty

July 12, 2010

walking around the battery
the horn of manhattan
i am struck by the difference
in the sensations of the two bodies
of water joining in new york harbor

east river is dark and rough
smelling of decay and creosote
my eyes are caught by bridges
that connect and divide singing
in the wind as big drops splash me

hudson estuary wide and bright
scented by salt and shad
there is no impediment to my vision
the water rolls and roils past
up to the mountains and down
past the narrows to the sea

here i am caught on the land
with the wind calling me to the sea
one day i will answer and i know
you will sail with me

#295. homestretch

June 16, 2010

rest approaches
release and peace
the hudson sighs
the birds fly over
i finish my walk
as the first drops
scatter the crowd

#179. vacant

February 20, 2010


work silence



with life

to do




as the ice



hudson river

sea bound down




i went down to the water today, again.
the east river at high tide then to
the hudson estuary with all the wind
and the birds flying and screaming
felt the mud at the bottom of the harbor exposed
and cold stinking of life and our culture
being cleansed impure until we kill ourselves off.

i trust the sea to do what is needful
for the air to transmit all the information
that the trees need to create
that the earth needs to return us to the fire.

i will go down to the water tomorrow, again.

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