#466. doggess (for golda

March 22, 2011

i remember waking up
the morning
blue jacket always dirty
after you came to live with us
porcelain bowls one wet one worn
seeing your little face
on the pillow
never changing antler toy
with the rest of of you
under the covers
red cushion
next to my green sofa
and rejoicing in the leash of freedom
the super clean toes
of the gorks
all the memories
to come
i remember
waking up
the morning
after you came
to live with us
seeing your little face
on the pillow
with the rest of you
under the covers and rejoicing
in all the memories
to come


#423. gorks

November 5, 2010

look back
fall forward
present is sweet
life overwhelms pain
the world is not you or me
but joyous us and the golden hound

the day is
and the night also

#412. meme me

October 24, 2010

time all counts
the future desired memories
infinite listening
seeing pictures in past time
to know even
the now added to the stories
count the time

the small hound yawns in the sunshine
translating time into memory
i forget to think
and only look
and listen

#409. published

October 20, 2010

up a red leaf
maple and small
that the crisp wind
brought announcing
softly winter

#406. mainely in my mind

October 16, 2010

its so funny
how crisp autumn
leads to change
returns thought
to creation dreams
of the road

finding the path once more
my boots turn away from home
towards the forests of living trees
the dying many colored leaves and far hills
and the honey golden hound who stops and gazes
back with puzzled tilted head soft eyes saying lets go

#393. a last walk

September 26, 2010

a last walk with the hound
across the footbridge steps
echo raw roar of the sea
gentle hush flower fields
scent the chill autumn
evening comes lights
the sky and instant
future once now
knowing peace
thru storms
as we hold
on course

#311. ghosty moment

July 2, 2010

in my lover’s eyes
it is a whole saturday of the senses
summer light shines off the river
my small golden hound’s low barking
at the laughter of kids on skateboards
shade from the manhattan bridge
in the clatter of the f train roaring
charging to a glorious brooklyn song
the skin throb as the sun comes thru
the single cloud that gave up its ghost
all this in a moment leading to others
traveling to the moon’s silver sheen
in my lover’s eyes

#200. gold as honey

March 13, 2010

sunday walk
in the sun
new york
my dog spots
a wild turkey.
in battery park.
she was all for giving

for the pain in my heart

to become
the black dog
or to wrestle with it
fur soft comfort beneath the hand
warmed by the hot breath
of mortality
i fear only being abandoned
by death.

#127. evening fragment

December 30, 2009

the east river is running cold tonight light shivers in a stiff breeze
the frozen grinding stones of the bridge hold travelers steady
so they turn to a warm home where singing life waits
the spirits thrive and the small gold hound snores.

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