in the great alone
stuck deep in the thousand eyes
of subway trains
the heart of life
moving high in one pair of eyes
in the great alone

#385. for lily

September 16, 2010

in fact walt
america’s voice
you call softly across
the poetic river of sweet timeless
time with your strophes echoing subtly
a strong cry of hope that fills the yearning heart
and keeps us all from surrendering to the cone of silence

#201. new friends

March 14, 2010

new friends help
seeing me over the latest horizon
i will smile as you disappear
and the us in me
soars the endless

hope grows like manhattan

#192. gray fades away

March 5, 2010

the rays shot thru
the gray today

sunshine to hope with

to dream of spring
while winter melts away

#100. to live

December 3, 2009

to live in the blind
to die
on a bridge in time.
send my final effects with magellan around capes horn and hope.
toss all my lover’s final pain on that ship
and if it sinks?
the moments remain.

#14. Hope Schmope (for barack

September 9, 2009

Faith has always been hard
Like a fifty year old

Blow our faith
And only howling wolf revolt

Lead us!

You turned political mope
Into political hope.

Don’t be a schmope!
Be a Teddy!

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