i could talk
but could not be heard
for the white flour clogging my veins
my face is caked cake with no sugar or dreams
old man rivers a barking dog to change the schedule by an hour
or an entire history of mirrors broken and so submerged sisyphus
you may follow or just take a picture or write a poem make a choice so
as a king i think this is it

softly heroes shimmer deep 
in the red white blue
history herstory
just the facts
no truths

no matter how you try and spin it
it’s the fourth of july
not the third
or fifth

#425. dream mother

November 8, 2010

my history
with each day
newly responsible
for each choice made
i make those choices
forgiving each day
is a new history
a responsiblity
my choice

#163. Cook & Wittgenstein

February 4, 2010

the hourglass may say
time is always running out
but actions speak loud
and the sand feels the gravity
of time and runs down
no matter how often the vessel

of course wittgenstein challenges us
about our knowledge of anything

but historically i am with sam cook

i do know that i love you
and one and one are three

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