#351. manhattan trancer

August 11, 2010

streets are filled with ghosts
time is very unstuck here
between the rivers
harlem east

its always the past
and always the future
thats what makes this city
the city of right now so poignant

heat rivers brownstones
garbage dog walkers cops talking
hot steam curling out of grates glowing
highrise windows by the dos passos millions
definite girls in infinite sandals astride bridges
ball parks all paths for me in the musing vortex

time chases me
spins me

Hey Adam

the city my
city our
city awakens
bright lightshafts
illumine the golden graffitti
the shifting Harlem River
then the Hudson
multi-hued october palisades
every leaf a spirit
this home.

Hey Adam

Home is behind you
riding backwards toward
letting go
so the leaves
can fall
find thier own home
and the spring to come.

Hey Adam

So this city
lives on
a train going through it
I still can feel you
riding beside me
you and all the others
into the Endless.

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