#472. became today

May 26, 2011

all the trains
and all the shadows
tunnels of red light green
beams scurry grey grey as ghosts
now we become new york ghosts as well

the sign of the times is the light thru the grate

#463. weathered

March 10, 2011

i am walking 
along the river
gone down again
to the sweet wrack 
and wreck of beauty 
and water raining upon 
my brown hat gone grey 
as my hair is going into the
new strength of my daily age 

who cares about the aches and pains
moving fast towards new rivers

#432. east river

November 14, 2010

o river i depend on 
your light grey sparkles green 
water running high
under the arched stone bridge
to power my glad 
heart but you keep your depths   
my secret search

green shoot
growing in the diamond
sand learning healing
dancing smoke
in the wind off the sea

#302. south street walk

June 23, 2010

summer leaves
crisping not
air dense
as a rye bread
baking on lower
east side
up and out
bodies disperse
finding spaces
to catch
dream floats
across the starry
river where brooklyn
she smiles
cooling us
walkers at night

#301. rain delay

June 22, 2010

the ever changing east river today
slate grey slate green white topped
waves overtopping the boardwalk
while the limestone and granite
towers and span of brooklyn bridge
stands a silent watch over me
alive singing in a driving rain
as my dog waits patiently to go home

#297. sailor

June 18, 2010

casting off
nimble in the rain
the casual confidence
she projects through her
well mastered rope handling
is calling me back to the grey sea
back to myself back to the deep dark

#262. home brewed

May 14, 2010

fire roars
sound of hot
water banging
merrily against
a round steel kettle
the rustle of tiny golden
leaves sprinkled exactly
into the strainer a bouquet
silently and sweetly awakens
the air before the whistle calls
you into the kitchen to gather cups
and cookies to pour and steep our tea
in the beautiful japanese clay and bamboo

gentle evening of our universe
murmurs home

the day
sweeps into the night
with blue grey
and lavender.
i wonder where
the oranges and reds
go on evenings like these.

one osprey waits for another
to wing its way across the inlet

#245. three day rain

April 27, 2010

the edge
of the storm
is sharp blue
lightening against deep grey

clear air
crying birds
full rushing river
sweeping past the pier pilings

worth the wait

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