#442. mom

December 1, 2010

all those years
the fall wind through an open window
the white hood
your closed eyes silent staring at mine
which are yours

#432. east river

November 14, 2010

o river i depend on 
your light grey sparkles green 
water running high
under the arched stone bridge
to power my glad 
heart but you keep your depths   
my secret search

#379. pontillism

September 8, 2010

at the head
meaning binds
crown to creation
flame to fire another
year an arbitrary point
an infinite number on any line

#378. eventually canaan

September 7, 2010

in the land
of oil and money
only the road
remains constant
and everyone
is a ghost in transit
across time
space becomes less
and more valuable

#351. manhattan trancer

August 11, 2010

streets are filled with ghosts
time is very unstuck here
between the rivers
harlem east

its always the past
and always the future
thats what makes this city
the city of right now so poignant

heat rivers brownstones
garbage dog walkers cops talking
hot steam curling out of grates glowing
highrise windows by the dos passos millions
definite girls in infinite sandals astride bridges
ball parks all paths for me in the musing vortex

time chases me
spins me

#286. walk back

June 7, 2010

razor life never changes
fear on the edge of shadows
behind the concrete barriers
under the ramp of brooklyn
bridge a small fire across time
gathers several spirit shapes
flickering made large across time
the bottom never changes

finding myself crashing
almost every day shouldering
through the spirits crowding
in the subway skating in the park
wailing in the bar walking across town
i am overwhelmed by the presence of endless
time and the many flavored ghosts of new york

joining the line i am content
to know my view of the river
changes daily

summer calm
breathe the night
ship horn’s low voice
under brooklyn bridge
with the storm charged
to thunder and all of us on
shore ready to make love or
yell or smoke or dance all night
to rythms never the same away
from the east river

even the ghosts
above the cafe haunt
us to the low pungent beat
with lavender fumes and gouges
in the bar from the working girls and fishhooks

#270. love inhabits

May 22, 2010

love inhabits me
the ghosted peals
of bells that have rung
yesterday and again
tomorrow they will ring
that i might recognize
the silence between us
as the living for each breath
together that is our fire

#202. inhabit

March 15, 2010

the life
of those
the cobblestones
down town
the now
to walk

the grey rivers
are blue and clear
on any chosen day.

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