#400. two sides of winter

October 4, 2010

the first tree has turned
the city goes autumn
catches the wind
the rain sweeps
the plaza
my eyes
follow one high
the bridge flying
in the mist anchors
the future spring beyond

#245. three day rain

April 27, 2010

the edge
of the storm
is sharp blue
lightening against deep grey

clear air
crying birds
full rushing river
sweeping past the pier pilings

worth the wait

#243. lovely storm

April 25, 2010

the rain curtain
falls on a quiet city tonight
white granite becomes thunder
black is split with jagged lightning
roiled clouds grey against dark grey
against deep grey is beauty flying above
the east river and brooklyn bridge knows we
are aware of each other and our comingling dreams

#137. the flying walrus

January 9, 2010

my father used to fly us
through the western pennsylvanian
ohio and west virginian skies.

my brothers and i were always thrilled
to be invited along on that ride
although the joy was different for each.

i do not know what kicks my brothers
gathered on those weekend afternoons
we didnt talk much then or even now.

but i really enjoyed the feel of taking the stick
with my dad giving it over but more i loved
knowing that even so he was still captain.

#133. Gratitude

January 5, 2010

What errand brings
that huddled form out in the great white
Not my joy
else he’d be striding
arms flying
snow feeling.

What Light controls my eyes?

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