#407. for shawn colvin

October 16, 2010

the voice
truest wave
sine of the number
she’s singing
sweet steinway notes
carrying present future
past the fear
in our sharp blue psyches

you are right
the heart clears in harmony
with guitars

#237. terrorized

April 19, 2010

within us in the world we
smother the flame
which is creation
sterilize the earth
which cradles
desecrate the waters
which heal
stifle the air
which animates
poison the wood
which builds
within us in the world

returns destruction
returns self destruction

is the journey back

for the pain in my heart

to become
the black dog
or to wrestle with it
fur soft comfort beneath the hand
warmed by the hot breath
of mortality
i fear only being abandoned
by death.

#164. The Fear America

February 5, 2010

The fear america
the hollow
by fraud
free zone
fighting the civil
war has never
only some of us
thought it was over.
Hey Palin!
you and your family is the best argument for choice yet.

#63. morning jimmie

October 27, 2009

morning jimmie

The brain shakes the fear out of my clouds
breaking from the sun.

Earlier the wind blows the rain under the eave
where I stand on rocks.

My happiness
smoking a Raleigh plain end
and planning the garden.

The mud of garden puddles into pools
the run off from the gutterspout
must be stopped!

Build the dike

Gentle noise at back door
my friend awake
from dreams and delighted amusement
at seeing me in muddy boots.

#6. Laying Awake

September 2, 2009

Laying awake
Early am gentle joy snores
Resting presleep

Time travel
Everynight the good night
Remembering the ancient faces
Childhood fears turned comfort
Receiving the conciousness
Of my mother’s face
And the way she held her hands
Palm to palm

Laying awake
With my life
Ready to go.

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