#299. earth and swan

June 20, 2010

for myself as papa
without my kids again
midfathers day laughing
with lover wife playing
tug of war with the dog
i still know the truth
of the experience heart
love and time gave us
my children and will
wait as long as i can
as you need

my children
working on playing
out their lives out there
in the world night and day
lighting my life regard
less of me than of experience
of all those others who
are they that hold
my children
i hope they are
safe happy
and self

#72. For Anna

November 5, 2009

A child’s painting
mature and demanding
innocence calculating to manipulate
emotion, time and space.

We are transported to France
or daycare
at your whim.
How does nine years of life
command color and line and form
so well?
Well enough
strong enough
to do your bidding.

A child’s painting
given precedence made important
by talent and love
and a simple wooden frame.

Helping a Woman turn herself
into a panther
I am rose pollen fallen
on scarlet velvet.

She only needed a touch of my fingers
the slide of my tongue
the acceptance of her Self
in Her mind where
true lovemaking

We become totem poles
for each other
as we stand
in bathtubs of experience.


Extemporaneous body poetry
is all that concerns us in this moment
when the Man and Woman disappear
and the Animals come out
to Gorge and Sate themselves in the Hunt.

#36. Now And Then

October 2, 2009

its been thirty years gone
since i marched all unknowing
through child hood’s portal
squinting back
i seem so tiny.

my eyes opened
experience rubbing
into my skin
i awoke
to find today.

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