#537. earth day

April 22, 2012

when i see the earth
in a picture taken from space
i realize that the planet doesnt need humans 
and may in fact be better off without us. save the earth? 
it doesnt need saving, what we really mean is save our place on the planet.
if we destroy our place in the ecosystem (along with nearly 
countless other species’ places) the earth 
will survive and continue on its 
evolutionary path thru time 
without us.


how much tea in that bag

the proof of evolution are those
who do not believe
in the fact
of it

how much tea in that bag

fear sprays
ripples of insanity
permeate the ice cream
of spoiled american lives

how much tea in that bag

we have
the right
to bare

how much tea in that bag

we are a democracy
we have the politicians
and government
we are responsible for

how much tea in that bag

live to work
or work to live
or not to work
at all

how much tea in that bag

if you believe that god
gave humanity free will
then you believe that god
believes in choice

how much tea in that bag

disturbed by
the american
storm of dreams
deep in my chromosomes

between the cobblestones
into the ancient earth
of the seaport

find there
the ghosts of new york

water through the broken ships
anchoring the rotting piers
peck slip and coientes

find there
the bones of new york

drifting airs sweet sour
salt spicy bitter
conjuring the past today

find there
the breath of new york

destruction rumbling construction
devolving evolving mains tunnels
hovels towers bridges

find there
the blood of new york

the masses strangers known
intimately in the shared glimpse
of the Endless across the tracks

find there
the dreams of new york

#120. Community Of Hardship

December 23, 2009

Community of hardship.

fighting the civil
war has never
thought it was over.

full of the ghosts
of prosperity past
fearful present
and future dust
must find the redemption
the revolution
to be found
in the whirlwind
of our families
and friends.

winter is here
spring is coming.

#95. the human lullaby

November 28, 2009

the human lullaby

the sixth great extinction
is a wave
we ride on the arrogant surfboard
of our mastery of everything
and everyone
but ourselves

nighty night

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