#326. commerce

July 17, 2010

dawn stalks me
and stalls my dreams
the red light breaks
my heart with its strength
the dog licks my toes
i rise and put myself together
for another drab day
of doing deals

the sweet evening seems so far off

#307. time to know

June 28, 2010

with friends
the sun shines
but the clouds come
and the rain is a relief
leading everyone home
with the red sun set
the evening chill
brings back
the joy

#298. solstice

June 19, 2010

sun on skin today
midsummers eve
gold glint in yr eyes
midsummers night
my lover has me
full sun tomorrow
midsummers day
lets go out and play
autumn is coming

the day
sweeps into the night
with blue grey
and lavender.
i wonder where
the oranges and reds
go on evenings like these.

one osprey waits for another
to wing its way across the inlet

in the soft
cold evening of ghostly
new york
all the citizens and characters
bump and tumble
into each other
down subways and out
store doors
feeling their
joyous anxious way
they slip into the holy
anonymity of treasures
and pain that they find at home
or on the streets.
in the morning the ghosts are gone again.

#27. In the evening

September 22, 2009

In the evening

evening evening
close dusk air
somehow makes me
aware of how much
how difficult
how long
you will
be gone gone gone
and just
how sweet your return
will could be
if I just remember how you we are
In the evening
evening evening.

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