#275. BP

May 27, 2010

british petroleum
has brought us death
as have other violators
of the earth

but i drive a car
and havnt given up
any real part
of my user lifestyle

so i ask myself
am i a selfish bastard
or will i change
thru thoughtful grateful sacrifice

we all need to ask
and act or accept
being killers and ultimately

shrimp dolphins
and brown pelicans
dont get our choice

#264. drill baby kill

May 16, 2010

drill baby drill
kill baby kill

if time flowed backwards
then maybe you would see
how like the ocean
all life is to be
if time stayed still
then i think you would see
how saving the gulf
would bring life to thee
but time seems to flow forward
and it doesnt matter what you see
we kill our selves
when we kill the sea

drill baby drill
kill baby kill

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