#391. soul whisper taffy

September 22, 2010

sleep comes

dreams with all
their lovely strength
and dangerous power
tantalize the unconcious
mind and stretch deep tendrils

sleep comes

in time
my memories blend
stirred by scent and sound
goaded by wisps of ancient dreams
visions unhampered by mundane chores
i live in the integrated now where my poems
loom on strings around the corner from the then
and there

between the cobblestones
into the ancient earth
of the seaport

find there
the ghosts of new york

water through the broken ships
anchoring the rotting piers
peck slip and coientes

find there
the bones of new york

drifting airs sweet sour
salt spicy bitter
conjuring the past today

find there
the breath of new york

destruction rumbling construction
devolving evolving mains tunnels
hovels towers bridges

find there
the blood of new york

the masses strangers known
intimately in the shared glimpse
of the Endless across the tracks

find there
the dreams of new york

#154. I see you

January 26, 2010

I see you
with a long long scarf
floating in the breeze of my dreams
waking or sleeping
it’s hard to tell these days.

You are out
there and that for some reason
of love gives me wild strength
and hope and joy.

Fuck Depression!

I love you
and that cannot be
requited or not.

#125. Brainsavers

December 28, 2009

i surf
the evermounting wave
each night
time traveling
until the dream
turns to dawn
and i awake
in the future.

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