vast sun drenched reaches
of oil soaked sea
filled with tightening death
which sounds our species’ dirge.

shout microbes!
shriek reeds!
scream humans!
stink corpses!

do you feel the pain?
a disturbance in the force?
will it wake us up?

#289. gulf poem

June 10, 2010

is a close thing
intimate and wild
calmly alone
the osprey

your hand scraped
shark teeth out of the sand
glistening in the sun

memory gone from delight
to sadness
and anger

#196. My Portion

March 9, 2010

After a desert
of dust and ash
how cool and pleasant to drink
from a well
no matter the distance
or how unknown
the water bearer.


I know She makes this a holy place
an oasis
a source of goodness.


Am I able to touch her
in this same way?


Shall we draw water
dance around the well
in a dance
we can only do together?


The ancient stars know.

#175. distances

February 16, 2010

virtuality is a virtue
as it is (apparently) safer
than unpleasant reality lurking
calling out
to live in the blind design
reality is an excuse
for the virtual
ghost crying out in the space

“please let this have meaning”

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