#508. sestina of the path

December 18, 2011

today i am walking with the river
the bodhisattva ghosts
are deep music
taking me out of the silence of time
in the clear smoke
i think in light

today i am walking with the light
across the elemental river
out of silence i smoke
and enjoy the deep voices of ghosts
and my clear mind thinks of time
drifting the bodhisattva music

today i am walking with the music
drifting in the elemental light
within bodhisattva time
i am deep within thoughts of the river
my mind clearing the ghosts
silence in the smoke

today i am walking with the smoke
enjoying the clear deep music
the element of ghosts
clearly causing the silent voice of the light
to take me along bodhisattva river
drifting along with silent time

today i am walking with the ghosts
enjoying the drifting deep time
silently taking in the light
is bodhisattva even in the smoke
the voice of elemental music
thoughts from the river

today i am walking with the ghosts
my thoughts are the smoke
takes me into clear time
the silence which causes music
deep in bodhisattva light
voice of this  river

today i am walking with the ghosts as i smoke
becoming bodhisattva thinking clearly about time and the deep music
the silence of light and the voice of the drifting element i know as the east river

#294. for the petrified

June 15, 2010

pressured by time flowing
not melting forward or by
growing degrees
all in a deliberate rush
towards meaning satisfying
the pain that the beauty
of the dharma reveals
in joyous futility

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