#237. terrorized

April 19, 2010

within us in the world we
smother the flame
which is creation
sterilize the earth
which cradles
desecrate the waters
which heal
stifle the air
which animates
poison the wood
which builds
within us in the world

returns destruction
returns self destruction

is the journey back

between the cobblestones
into the ancient earth
of the seaport

find there
the ghosts of new york

water through the broken ships
anchoring the rotting piers
peck slip and coientes

find there
the bones of new york

drifting airs sweet sour
salt spicy bitter
conjuring the past today

find there
the breath of new york

destruction rumbling construction
devolving evolving mains tunnels
hovels towers bridges

find there
the blood of new york

the masses strangers known
intimately in the shared glimpse
of the Endless across the tracks

find there
the dreams of new york

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