#469. ten

April 15, 2011

starry light
bright trance
retinal delighting
alighting hypothalamus
and relighting time to live
in the clouds backed by the moon
with your hair wild in the sharp wind 

#467. dreamtime

March 28, 2011

another early memory
to chastise and beguile me
so it often begins
and will eventually end
sometimes even before
my wife falls asleep
much to her delight
because she feels
the kisses are much sweeter
when she is awake

how can i help but agree


fragrant wind
stoking your fire
with the driftwood
unburied from the sand
the ocean pounds our desire
for each other in light from high
dream to the intimate colors of delight

#155. Snow Motion

January 27, 2010

across snow
creating parallel lines.
near enough to
our new life
to cause my tears to freeze
in thier ducts.

Lovely crystals shine prisms
to calm and delight me.

#32. This is

September 27, 2009

This is

the us which is,
which lives.

Our lives
now shout with surprise.

We are surprised
only to find peace.

And yet peace
it tosses us

a tempest, you, us
I and the form

which is a new form
and is a delight.

Let the years delight
and Begin!

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