#216. lastly st. louis

March 29, 2010

i thought
and then
time and its
gentle and cynical
with ghosty
lost virgin loves
a long gone cook’s sandwiches
never eaten again
deeply felt haircuts gifted
by mariannes in storefronts
where piles of groceries
undrunk liquor
in empty bottles
wait out the snowstorm
of cousins young
before their
freezes and revisits
its harsh and sentimental
i thought

#57. Like A Dog

October 21, 2009

Like a dog

which is the meaning
of the Greek root for cynic
and I would like to thank
those twenty-two or four or more
year old cynics who adhere to that definition
of being one who believes that human conduct is totally motivated by self-interest
for they have shown me that I am also a cynic
but one who believes as did the ancient Greek school
of Cynic philosophers who held that Virtue
is the Only Good
and its essences are independence and self-control.

Like a dog who sniffs at the passersby
lost or hungry
affection starved
independent but longing for a change
you get mean
or you get meaning.

In other words
I am giving up
the distrust of my youth (when I knew everything
for the trust necessary for the spiritual
search for truth.

to answer those cynics
who will say that I will fail
though they will pose it as the question
what if I fail? I can only paraphrase
Monty Python
from ‘The Life of Brian’,
you come from nothing, you go to nothing,
so what have you got to lose?

#8. Obama Poem

September 3, 2009

Reality gap
What is and the possible
Balance cynicism & idealism
Heart tension

The savior who doesnt save us which saves us.

Justice strategy v. The war strategy.
New heart habits.

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