#449. blizzard steps

December 27, 2010

the snowy
tracks ghost
steps so lightly
over silver moon
shadows that echos
resound between tenses
of lives living lived to live
under the arbitrary pressure
in the endless new year coming

i cannot help counting the flakes
looking for duplicate crystals  

was once the opium
of the masses
now it’s the crystal methamphetamine
of the tribes.

Hey America
“whatcha gonna do?”

#42. a fragile close

October 7, 2009

a fragile close

lies fine like
        fragrant linen
                lay full between us

an essence distilled
     of a mundane finish
         over a divine origin.

the shattered crystal
        the broke angry knife
                 the wife lost

crowded in a dangerous bed
          where a husband rejects

glowing dancers allow
            strangers to fashion
                             magnetic myth

creating a six month
              world of winter cat
                        spring sex

and bonds
          unbreakable by marriage
                                 divorce or death.

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