#428. hypnogogic reverie too

November 10, 2010

very nearly
leaping into dreaming
the fog of the day clears
finally i can think
through my eyelids

everytime you call my name
i am awake 

#325. wordclay

July 16, 2010

poetry is a sweet mix up
of the senses

vision blurrd
bound by naught
sight as meant
to be seen

clarity as a concept

hazy how
time appears



#189. for carl jung

March 2, 2010

all the double meanings
antonyms that work better
with their partners
evoke a special intimacy
a clear path to understanding
is suffering
which is the body
of the question
synonymous with joy
with the conscious life

#188. Love Letters

March 1, 2010

love letters
are found
in the fragrant petals
of the intimate rose
are found
in the golden beams
of the rampant sun
are found in the heated seductions
of vivid dreams
are found
in the clear ideas
of sculptured poems

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