#180. ferry (for whitman

February 21, 2010

arriving as i am
into my childhood
understanding a flight
to my dream
at last i sing
every day
as i yearn to
that you
could be me
we are bound
as a family
of strangers

water is gurgling under the keel

Sacrifice For A Dancer’s 42nd(because she wanted yeats

as you say
love is sacrifice
then I would sacrifice
any chance at loving life
with you
to give you that Gift
and this poem
at your desire!

The child glowing, grows there
From the life, grass mown green.
She steps lightly on her
Circuits round. Escaping nothing
She gains her youth.

A man, stranger to her
Offers her the Lead. Shy
Away or Forwards. Gently
And happily or sadly
Grow a dancer.

Will we
go home with fleshy petals
and you watching
over and through me
like all the growing
of pollen golden
flowing over
the tidal line
life and more life.

#36. Now And Then

October 2, 2009

its been thirty years gone
since i marched all unknowing
through child hood’s portal
squinting back
i seem so tiny.

my eyes opened
experience rubbing
into my skin
i awoke
to find today.

#6. Laying Awake

September 2, 2009

Laying awake
Early am gentle joy snores
Resting presleep

Time travel
Everynight the good night
Remembering the ancient faces
Childhood fears turned comfort
Receiving the conciousness
Of my mother’s face
And the way she held her hands
Palm to palm

Laying awake
With my life
Ready to go.

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