totally blow-minding compretationalstanding simultaneous in time to send a message in a bottle…hello?

global dimensional transition
travel thru the gluons or strings
in a world unrecognized by the childself

being cosmos, nothing, just life alone origin conciousness that zombie hologram exist into species
universes end

#380. old soul

September 9, 2010

are sometimes small
a child
whose dark staring
have seen everything

and the bricks
with thier red dust
hand mixed with water
mud filling space filled with air
with walls and an oven for the bread

doubting nothing the bright woman
kneads the dough as her children
do thier chores
and laugh

#283. lost

June 4, 2010

without a word
the little girl
draws me in
small and bouncing flirt
who pushes me
to my memories
of my own children
lost so long ago
that only their vague shapes
remain to me

#180. ferry (for whitman

February 21, 2010

arriving as i am
into my childhood
understanding a flight
to my dream
at last i sing
every day
as i yearn to
that you
could be me
we are bound
as a family
of strangers

water is gurgling under the keel

#129. the calico

January 1, 2010

the calico
was licking her paw
she had it extended behind
her ear

the smallest child
was stroking her tail
the purrs soothing last minutes

#123. biomagic (for dominique

December 26, 2009

a little bang
goes a long way
the big bang is going further than further
and you and we and me
all strive to continue
thru poems kids vids art job
to out last
all magic
all biology
just a made up word
here in The Finginning.

#107. Lips Of Use

December 10, 2009

Lips of
strike out to
cold and
the deal
for a
of street seen
out a
door glass
does not
separate me
from you
and i know
we have struck
and met
our children

#77. here comes the flat line

November 10, 2009

living the wallow
in the Gaian petri dish
waiting for the die off
as we pursue our biologic
imperative to child creation

nature resists our control
no matter our
vocabulary of survival
biotic cummune
species of our diversity
of our species
driven to use
to control
to reap

here comes the flat line

#72. For Anna

November 5, 2009

A child’s painting
mature and demanding
innocence calculating to manipulate
emotion, time and space.

We are transported to France
or daycare
at your whim.
How does nine years of life
command color and line and form
so well?
Well enough
strong enough
to do your bidding.

A child’s painting
given precedence made important
by talent and love
and a simple wooden frame.

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