tell me wind
do you dry the tears
shed thru injustice

answer me fire
does flame burn hope
locked in concrete

inform me water
does your song lift spirit
bound by steel

convince me earth
is dust the reward for life
lived in chains

speak to me wood
will creation not welcome
life home

#294. for the petrified

June 15, 2010

pressured by time flowing
not melting forward or by
growing degrees
all in a deliberate rush
towards meaning satisfying
the pain that the beauty
of the dharma reveals
in joyous futility

#34. The Locust Years

September 30, 2009

The locust years

To love
and to know
you love

that is joy and almost enough.

To know
and love
you love

that is enough joy.

Have you started to pack?
World’s started to burn.

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