#434. lost

November 17, 2010

your rules
are the breadcrumbs
obsession is the hungry bird
who turns love into a dark dense woods
turn loose
the hunter from your
natural heart light the lamps
before you leave your warm safe house
your rules

#413. classic recipe

October 25, 2010

beer and football
bread and circuses
its an old fucking story
seems to work for power
teabaggers take close heed
its an ancient form of slavery

and the bricks
with thier red dust
hand mixed with water
mud filling space filled with air
with walls and an oven for the bread

doubting nothing the bright woman
kneads the dough as her children
do thier chores
and laugh

#152. tom’s market

January 24, 2010

infinite poem express
tom’s market
dense as a ryebread spring
in the Endless lower east side
below delancey
ghost pushcarts
alter cockers
chinese slippers
roar of the f train
below the grates.

the night
      and the moon
     and the light

I can almost see you.

the bread I bake for you
      your hair thick and soft
    and rich beneath my fingers

I can almost smell you.

the sand underfoot
       the sun melting us
    the sea caressing us

I can almost feel you in my arms.

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