#462. dear class

February 27, 2011

i am so 
and so
scramble my brain 
eggs into sculptures 
poem omelettes
tired of over easy

return is another change
in time to
baffle time
and myself
one more time

#368. editor meditates

August 28, 2010

sargasso desert
fruit branch
brain scissors too to
a manyhanded labor more
passionate at last a passion
revealed rejoicement

#68. Compulsed I

November 1, 2009

Compulsed I

sea chain food chain brain chain dna chain
smallest krill to largest whale man.
Embarrassed to be going after
the tiniest crumbs of affection
dropped from all your pity chain
table smiles.
Notice is what I need
to know
compulsed alive I.

#63. morning jimmie

October 27, 2009

morning jimmie

The brain shakes the fear out of my clouds
breaking from the sun.

Earlier the wind blows the rain under the eave
where I stand on rocks.

My happiness
smoking a Raleigh plain end
and planning the garden.

The mud of garden puddles into pools
the run off from the gutterspout
must be stopped!

Build the dike

Gentle noise at back door
my friend awake
from dreams and delighted amusement
at seeing me in muddy boots.

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