#449. blizzard steps

December 27, 2010

the snowy
tracks ghost
steps so lightly
over silver moon
shadows that echos
resound between tenses
of lives living lived to live
under the arbitrary pressure
in the endless new year coming

i cannot help counting the flakes
looking for duplicate crystals  

#185. blizzard

February 26, 2010

quiet this morning
snow quiet
almost silent


just another flake
hoping the thaw
never comes

#170. christina’s line

February 11, 2010

brooklyn is dripping
from bridge to bridge
to bridge.
steam rising across the river
has to be bburgh.
the ice and slush makes the borough shine.
water flows from the heights
and makes of the car tires’ song
a different winter tune.

the many facets of a nor’easter’s beauty evolve towards the seasons
to come.

#133. Gratitude

January 5, 2010

What errand brings
that huddled form out in the great white
Not my joy
else he’d be striding
arms flying
snow feeling.

What Light controls my eyes?

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