the ancient
timeless whirlpool
tossing me
an old coca cola can
in an empty
six train car between canal
and spring
before summer and fall leads to winter

#371. more sun

August 31, 2010

pale day
in the hot sun
its the way living
people fade that bring
out the ancient forgotten
restless shades of gone new york

laying awake
with my life
ready to go

with the shades
of new york

black and white

the traffic
and people
but all silent

as time
is terrible
and sweet

as the sharing
of words
often is

#245. three day rain

April 27, 2010

the edge
of the storm
is sharp blue
lightening against deep grey

clear air
crying birds
full rushing river
sweeping past the pier pilings

worth the wait

#243. lovely storm

April 25, 2010

the rain curtain
falls on a quiet city tonight
white granite becomes thunder
black is split with jagged lightning
roiled clouds grey against dark grey
against deep grey is beauty flying above
the east river and brooklyn bridge knows we
are aware of each other and our comingling dreams

#209. dreamside search

March 22, 2010

the side
of me
that is sight
scours my dreams
for clues
to the side
of me
that always
the side of me
no one
should ever see
but always
to lead

when you dream in black and white
color can be difficult
to wake up to

#203. Rommy (for pete

March 16, 2010


built in a day.
Give up the secret
in black hair.

Sky and a good friend
drives ya

Bones to pick clean.

#177. rats!

February 18, 2010

times a week
to and fro
on the subway
to work sometimes play
i see rats foraging
or in transit
between nest
and hunting ground
or exploring the world
their world
and i wonder
norway black or egyptian
i have gotten
pretty good at identification.
blue dreamer
hates it when i point one out.

you dream such soulful dreams
i’m glad that you share them with me
they explode
all my black and white themes
turning them orange
and green.

for the pain in my heart

to become
the black dog
or to wrestle with it
fur soft comfort beneath the hand
warmed by the hot breath
of mortality
i fear only being abandoned
by death.

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