#525. kokoru

January 5, 2012

imagine on mud made beach
voices of human birds
devolution body songs
ash returning to life oceans
pearl shell and shimmer
fish fighting with wind
cast about for tenderness

#434. lost

November 17, 2010

your rules
are the breadcrumbs
obsession is the hungry bird
who turns love into a dark dense woods
turn loose
the hunter from your
natural heart light the lamps
before you leave your warm safe house
your rules

#295. homestretch

June 16, 2010

rest approaches
release and peace
the hudson sighs
the birds fly over
i finish my walk
as the first drops
scatter the crowd

#240. grey wing

April 22, 2010

my long
day following
the flight of a gull
from the balcony railing
wheeling past a thousand
blind windows riding the spring
wind with wings fully outstretched
quavering catching the updraft sailing
over the east river beyond the high towers
of the brooklyn bridge out of sight i feel again

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