#373. slev

September 2, 2010

as we pass
the years strengthen
the boys we were friends
we are and now i just want
to relax on a beach or a porch laughing
at ourselves as the tide continues taking us

#366. summer chill

August 26, 2010

and now the season
begins to fade
the leaves
and i
the children
playing by sunny
shores not believing
in the school bell’s peal

fragrant wind
stoking your fire
with the driftwood
unburied from the sand
the ocean pounds our desire
for each other in light from high
dream to the intimate colors of delight

#250. flying point

May 2, 2010

every thing falls
apart and gathers
momentum as changes
mount. the beach is amazing
as rot and life fit perfectly
as the irish breakfast tea
at bedtime.

Yesterday, I danced out with a bashful bride
at the shore of the burning sundown ocean
pacified at the core of the nebula
of quick tides.

golden bands converge
on the woman dancing
in the froth of the shore.

Her eyes hold
mine in divine spiral
locked in sea green
gaining depthful dark
visions where lurk
imagination’s creatures.

lines foam
and disappear
with surf roar and rime.

As she moves deep in my eyes
she drowns in the light
created by her for my delight.
She tastes my eyelids with her lips
and with a voice girl like and soft
calls them chocolate.

even I back up
as the sea involves

Tomorrow I sleep with beauty
in a bed defined by us to be ours
if we want to ascend the spiral
embrace to a warm and salty sea.

as waves move us
I stride naked with the power
the woman gifts me.

Oh you salt-stained girl
hold me let us
taste the fortress of future
a feast of lovely
shells popping seaweeds
forever in our grasp
on a beach lit by the Endless.

#24. At The Cape

September 19, 2009

At The Cape

At The Cape

At the head
Of the year.
In family
in truth
The waves crash
No less
the sound
To soothe
A small dog
walking by the side
of a beloved woman
Looking up at her

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