#172. finishing

February 13, 2010

keep history
from finding out
or remembering
will the american civil war
in a messy and nasty finale
be bookended by Abraham Lincoln
in the ninteenth century
and by Barack Obama
in the twenty-first?

#166. we the purple file

February 7, 2010

it is with deep feeling
that we the people
have to ask
what ever happened to the daily
purple file of we the people
are here to help you
you lead and we will have your back
if you get lost in the bubble
we will have to teach you
with our votes.

#14. Hope Schmope (for barack

September 9, 2009

Faith has always been hard
Like a fifty year old

Blow our faith
And only howling wolf revolt

Lead us!

You turned political mope
Into political hope.

Don’t be a schmope!
Be a Teddy!

#8. Obama Poem

September 3, 2009

Reality gap
What is and the possible
Balance cynicism & idealism
Heart tension

The savior who doesnt save us which saves us.

Justice strategy v. The war strategy.
New heart habits.

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