#440. nine

November 26, 2010

remembering     whisper
to move forward    deeply
makes sense of past   needs
times and joy of present   love  

a wolf and a hummingbird walked into a bar
one learned the music of her clear wing
one flies lightly through his howl

#359. making silence echo

August 19, 2010

making silence echo

restrained hesitation just before
the next tango step
light jingling through ice cubes
a hundred glasses
raised in hot sharp conversations
are taken outside
to the ancient cobblestone streets
the humid night
bright eyes then hands lips bodies
making silence echo

finding myself crashing
almost every day shouldering
through the spirits crowding
in the subway skating in the park
wailing in the bar walking across town
i am overwhelmed by the presence of endless
time and the many flavored ghosts of new york

joining the line i am content
to know my view of the river
changes daily

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