#459. yahrzeit again

February 15, 2011

the sea remembers tomorrow
as if it were just yesterday
sleep is on its way dreams
of waking to gentle eyes
closing upon open earth
stone that finds ashes
to ashes lost breath
mother to blossom 
growing me living
tree remembers
an ocean today
not forgetting
your death
or its life

i am the caretaker
of my father’s tears
my mother’s clay face
doused his fire
the grass grows long
over her ashes

oh death
the changes you bring
are hard to bear
but those same changes
are hope and beauty

the air is somehow
sweeter now

#196. My Portion

March 9, 2010

After a desert
of dust and ash
how cool and pleasant to drink
from a well
no matter the distance
or how unknown
the water bearer.


I know She makes this a holy place
an oasis
a source of goodness.


Am I able to touch her
in this same way?


Shall we draw water
dance around the well
in a dance
we can only do together?


The ancient stars know.

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